• Welcome to the New Era of Connected Health Efficiencies


    Managing a decentralised CD4 testing program just became easier and more efficient with the new Alere Connectivity solution for the Alere PimaCD4.

    Collecting, collating and analysing field data from remote testing sites is a vital component of successful program management, yet can be time consuming, inefficient and at times a barrier to continuous patient service. 

    The Alere Connectivity solution solves this problem by connecting your remote Alere Pima Analysers to a centralised data warehouse. It extends quality laboratory services to rural populations, effectively maintaining central laboratory control and monitoring while improving service delivery and patient outcomes.

    Real-time data visualisation allows you to make quick, informed decisions to optimise your supply chain management, and improve quality management across all your sites.

    It's a whole new way to see your entire program in action, and the ideal vantage point from which you can confidently scale services and ensure patient needs are being met.

  • The Alere Connectivity solution

    The Alere Connectivity solution consists of the Alere Connectivity Pack, the Alere SIM card and the Alere Data Point online portal.

    The Alere Connectivity Pack connects your remotely deployed Alere Pima Analysers to the centralised Alere Data Point portal using a wireless mobile network modem or Ethernet cable. This facilitates the transmission of operational data from all your instruments to your Alere Data Point portal where you have access to a comprehensive suite of reporting and analysis tools to help you monitor and enhance 
    your testing program.

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  • Better Management 
    Through Connectivity

    The Alere Pima CD4 revolutionised point-of-care CD4 testing, providing lab accurate results in remote, resource limited settings. Now, the Alere Connectivity solution redefines the management of your program by automating remote data collection and providing an innovative toolset empowering you to make smart, connected decisions.

    Gone are the inefficient, manual paper based systems that are difficult to consolidate, delay decision making and often don’t provide true visibility of your remote sites. The Alere Connectivity solution provides real-time visibility of all your instruments at all of your sites.

    It’s a robust technology platform designed to help you improve stock management, optimise quality management and support remote diagnostics of instrument faults. The Alere Connectivity solution helps keep your program up and running at maximum efficiency to ensure patients have access to the testing they need.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Managers are now empowered to monitor consumable usage in real time across all instruments, at all remote sites.This enables quicker, more accurate forecasting to prevent stock outs and ensure continuous service to patients.

    Quality Management

    Quality Managers now have real-time insight and transparency on all tests being performed. Remote monitoring of real-time QC metrics provides confidence in your program and allows fast corrective intervention when required. Automated Levey-Jennings charts and reports enhance your Quality Management giving you the control needed to ensure consistent high quality results.

    Technical Service & Support

    The Alere Connectivity solution helps ensure your instruments remain up and running with minimum downtime. Real-time remote monitoring of instrument performance can identify increasing error rates and anticipate potential technical problems. Technical issues can be diagnosed through trends allowing swift field support to keep your instruments available for patient testing.

  • Alere Data Point


    Alere Data Point is the innovative web-based platform where it all comes together to give you a complete, real-time view of your program in action.

    Simply login anytime, from anywhere, for a comprehensive toolset to collate, analyse and report on data transmitted from your field deployed Alere Pima CD4 Analysers. The flexible platform allows you to customise reports and automate data analysis workflows to suit your program’s particular operations. 

    Real-time monitoring of consumable usage, across all your testing sites, facilitates

    increased efficiencies in supply chain management, while automatically generated Levey-Jennings charts and dashboards enhance your Quality Management processes.

    Alere Data Point is designed to make your program management tasks less time consuming and more effective, ultimately ensuring more patients have access to your testing services.

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  • Alere Connectivity Pack

    The Alere Connectivity Pack enables transmission of operational data from the archive of the Alere Pima Analyser to a defined remote server. The small, robust modems have plug and play usability and are easily stored in the Alere Pima Bag.


    The Alere Connectivity Pack I.

    The Alere Connectivity Pack I consists of the ultra compact and convenient AlereSamba3G-E USB wireless modem along with an extension USB cable. This modem is able to transmit data from anywhere a mobile signal is available.


    The Alere Connectivity Pack II.

    The Alere Connectivity Pack II consists of the CT63 Terminal USB modem and USB cable. This modem features an external antenna for establishing a stronger mobile network signal. This option is recommended for rural areas where mobile signals may be weaker.


    The Alere Connectivity Pack III.

    The Alere Connectivity Pack III consists of a USB 2.0 Ethernet adapter. It enables sending of result data from the archive of the Alere™ Pima Analyser to a defined remote FTP server using a Local Area Network (LAN).

  • Alere SIM Card

    The Alere SIM card simplifies access to mobile networks for wireless transmission of data from the Alere Pima CD4 Analyser to the Alere Data
    Point portal.

    This special SIM Card provides end to end security for the transmission of your data and is configured for exclusive use with the Alere Connectivity Pack and Alere Data Point as part of the complete Alere Connectivity Solution. The Alere SIM Card works in most countries around the world on GPRS, EDGE and 3G networks. 

    The Alere SIM Card is not required for customers using 
    Connectivity Pack III.

  • Get Connected Now

    Implementation of Alere Connectivity for Alere Pima CD4 is a simple and easy process, and will start providing you with valuable real-time data from day one.

    After discussing with you the specific benefits of Alere Connectivity for your testing program, your Alere representative can assist you through a simple 3 step process to get you connected:

    1. Order your Alere Connectivity Pack and Alere SIM card for each instrument/site.
    2. Receive training on using the AlereConnectivity Pack and Alere Data Point.
    3. Set up and configure your Alere Data Point portal.

    Using Alere Connectivity for Alere PimaCD4 is a simple and robust process. From wirelessly transmitting field data with a click of a button, to navigating and analysing data in real-time in your Alere Data Point portal, Alere Connectivity integrates into your program
    with ease. 

    Contact your Alere representative today and start leveraging the efficiencies of connectivity to drive improved patient service.

  • Ordering Details

    Product Name Catalogue Number
    Alere Connectivity Pack I
    Alere Samba3G-E USB modem USB extension cable
    260 400 015
    Alere Connectivity Pack II
    CT63 Terminal USB powered modem Mini USB connection cord External FME antenna
    260 400 016
    Alere Connectivity Pack III
    USB 2.0 Ethernet adapter
    260 400 046
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