Alere™ q HIV-1/2 Detect



On the spot real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with Multiplexing Capability.


Portable Point of Care

Can be used in even the most challenging environments.


Touch Screen

Intuitive and easy to use.

Alere™ q

The next generation point of care diagnostic platform has arrived.

A portable fully automated nucleic acid testing platform is now available. Smart and robust, Alere™ q is designed to facilitate multiple assays and deliver lab accurate results in even the most demanding environments.


Molecular Diagnostics at the Point of Care

Point of care diagnostics finally enters the molecular age.

No longer are advanced molecular diagnostics exclusively confined to the hands of a skilled technician working in a sophisticated laboratory.

The Alere™ q platform brings the power of molecular testing to bench tops in healthcare settings anywhere and everywhere.

The Alere™ q platform brings the power of molecular testing to bench tops in healthcare settings anywhere and everywhere.

Alere™ q in Action


The robustly engineered Alere™ q platform is designed to operate in all manner of challenging environments.

The fully automated analyzer and smartly designed cartridge system completely eliminates the complexity of molecular diagnostics for the operator. No sample manipulation between extraction, isolation, amplification and detection eliminating analytical mistakes and contamination concerns.

As we face an increasing burden of viral mutations and drug resistance, high performance molecular testing at the point of care can now provide exquisite performance and instant access to results required for healthcare providers to ensure patients receive time critical treatments.

Alere™ q is a revolutionary new platform designed to enable point of care access to a suite of molecular assays, bypassing issues with centralized testing and reducing patient loss to follow up.

Breakthrough Technology Made Simple


Alere™ q is an operator’s delight utilizing a large intuitive color touch screen. Cartridge loading couldn’t be easier while built in controls ensure every result reported can be trusted to be of the highest quality.

The entire process of extraction, isolation, amplification, detection, data analysis, data reporting and data storage is completely automated.

Alere™ q delivers results both in and out of a laboratory setting, with a portable and robust design providing protection from rough environmental conditions.

On the inside, Alere™ q houses a full onboard CPU, thermo-cycler and automated mechanics along with a sophisticated optics module that utilizes miniaturized fluorescence imaging.

The imaging system comprises an LED light source, lenses and CCD camera, delivering unprecedented accuracy of results at the point of care.


Simple, easy, intuitive touch-screen interface

A simple and intuitive touch screen interface allows easy interaction with the Alere™ q analyser for operators of any technical skill level. The touch screen interface is used to initiate tests, for data entry and result management, as well as interaction with accessory devices.



Alere™ USB Printer

Print Alere™ q HIV-1/2 Detect Test Reports immediately with the Alere™ thermal USB Printer. Powered by Alere™ q via the USB interface, the printer can be used with standard or adhesive paper.


Alere™ PowerDrum

Freedom to use Alere™ q, independent of mains power is provided by the Alere™ PowerDrum. The Alere™ PowerDrum is an external rechargeable battery providing power for the Alere™ q analyser for up to one day’s work.


Alere™ Connectivity Pack II

The Alere™ Connectivity Pack II provides a solution for transmission of test results to the Alere™ Data Point online portal. The CT63 Terminal USB modem, powered by the Alere™ q analyser through a USB cable, features an external antenna for establishing a strong mobile network signal to send your results to one central data storage location.

A New Era of Connected Health

Managing a decentralised testing program has never been easier or more efficient with the Alere™ Connectivity solution for Alere™ q.

Collecting, collating and analyzing field data from remote testing sites are vital components of successful program management, yet can be time consuming, inefficient and introduces a barrier to continuous patient service. The Alere™ Connectivity solution solves this problem by connecting your remote Alere™ qanalysers to a centralized data warehouse.

Collecting, collating and analysing field data from remote testing sites is a vital component of successful program management...

Remote monitoring of your testing program

The Alere™ Connectivity solution redefines the management of your program by automating remote data collection and providing an innovative toolset empowering you to make smart, connected decisions.

Gone are the inefficient, manual paper based systems that are difficult to consolidate, delay decision making and often don’t provide true visibility of your remote sites. The Alere™ Connectivity solution provides real-time visibility of all your instruments at all of your sites.

It’s a robust technology platform designed to help you improve stock management, optimise quality management and support remote diagnostics of instrument faults. The Alere™ Connectivity solution helps keep your program up and running at maximum efficiency to ensure patients have access to the testing they need.

Alere™ Data Point

Alere™ Data Point is the innovative web-based platform where it all comes together to give you a complete, real-time view of your program in action.

Simply login anytime, from anywhere, for a comprehensive toolset to collate, analyse and report on data transmitted from your field deployed Alere™ q Analysers. The flexible platform allows you to customise reports and automate data analysis workflows to suit your program’s particular operations.

Real-time monitoring of consumable usage, across all your testing sites, facilitates increased efficiencies in supply chain management, while automatically generated Levey-Jennings charts and dashboards enhance your Quality Management processes. Alere™ Data Point is designed to make your program management tasks less time consuming and more effective, ultimately ensuring more patients have access to your testing services.